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Vacuum Components

Vacuum Components
Compressed air driven multi.stage and single stage vacuum generators with capacities up to 440 scfm and vacuum levels to 29"Hg.

Vacuum Regulators

Vacuum regulators to adjust the preset vacuum level, keeping it constant (secondary vacuum), regardless of the capacity of the network vacuum level (primary vacuum).

Vacuum Sensors

Vacuum switches and sensors are used when a signal is needed when a certain vacuum level is reached, for safety, for starting a cycle, for part presence detection, etc.
VacMotion offers all the components needed for a safe and reliable vacuum system. From low cost and low maintenance vacuum generators, to the vacuum filters, vacuum regulators, vacuum valves and vacuum sensors - all the way down to the suction cups that gently handle your products.

Vacuum Silencers
Porous plastic mufflers to reduce air blast noise created at exhaust ports of pneumatic valves and other equipment. Now available in a non-clogging "free-flow" style.

Vacuum Valves
Designed for applications that require a quick exchange between the vacuum source and the circuit, for a quick restoration of atmospheric pressure.