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Vacuum Filtration

Plastic Vacuum Filters
VacMotion plastic in-line filters provide easy monitoring, economy and safety. These shatterproof filters can withstand high pressures and are designed for use in applications where glass cannot be tolerated.

Metal Vacuum Filters

Rugged metal housing vacuum filters offer a filtering cartridge made of special treated paper with filtering degree of 5-7 microns

Oil-Bath Vacuum Filters

Oil bath vacuum filters can retain the smallest dust particles (less than 1 micron) without reducing the vacuum pump suction capacity.
VacMotion offers a full range of vacuum filters for all sizes of vacuum pumps. We offer shatter proof plastic housings with clear bowls that allow easy monitoring of the filter element. Rugged metal housing vacuum filters with connection sizes up to G4" threads and our unique oil-bath vacuum filters with a filtration degree of less than one micron while still allowing flow rates in excess of 170 scfm.

Replacement Gaskets
Our quality filter gaskets gives proper seal between clear bowl and filter top. We stock various material types including Buna, Viton and EPDM.

Filter Elements
Top grade replacement filter elements for various in-line filters. Materials include Polyethylene (PE) and Pleated Paper.

Replacement Bowls
Replacement clear shatterproof bowls for VacMotion vacuum filters and inline strainers. Various materials include Polypropylene, White Nylon and Clear Nylon.
VacMotion carries many various replacement parts for your vacuum filtration components. Quality replacements filter elements, replacement gaskets and replacement bowls are all stocked for quick shipping and replacement in-house.